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A Stand-Off at Birchwood Cottage
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Lady Birchwood.

A real life drama played out in the backyard this morning as an invading black cat hunkered on a snowy path. Three deer who come for their cracked corn everyday were extremely upset. This deer, known as Whitefoot, stood there, snorting and stamping her feet. The cat wouldn’t move. Snort, stamp, snort,stamp. The cat stayed, motionless.

I’ve seen this cat around for several days now. He or she seems to be attracted to our backyard, of course by the different kinds of food we set out for the outdoor gang. Dog food is one of those selections, and this cat has eaten its share of dog food the last few days. It appears to be healthy and well-fed so I’m assuming its a neighbor’s cat who is let out to roam. I don’t care for that practice myself, especially when the cat starts eyeing up the birds and squirrels as a snack. I also don’t like to see a cat end up under the tires of a car. It’s much safer for all concerned when they’re confined to the indoors or only out when supervised and their activities restricted.


Posted January 1, 2008 by StPaulieGrrl in cats

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