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I’m going to let the husband publish one more of his stories from our as-yet unpublished newsletter and then I’ll return to the keyboard this evening.  I think I’m still up to working a full-day at the lab, cleaning a bathroom, and writing a post all in the same day!

Welcome Buzz!

A year ago, we had the unique experience of being visited by a flock of wild turkeys.  While they are becoming increasingly common around Minnesota, we had never seen them in our neck of the woods before.  The group consisted of about ten hens and a couple of juvenile males all led by a mature old tom,  obviously the master of the flock.  They stayed around for a few days enjoying our hospitality and then just wandered off over the hill.  Two days later, one of the young guys returned, probably remembering where all of that corn and bird seed could be found.  Bonnie named him “Buzz” (short for buzzard… don’t ask me why).   We figure that the wily old tom was casting off his wayward sons, reducing the competition for his ladies. Buzz settled right in and made himself at home.  He began hanging out with our local deer herd, following them around and joining them for breakfast every morning.  I guess he was a little lonely after having been booted out of the family flock.  Over the summer and early fall, Buzz grew and matured into a handsome dude (as far as turkeys go), as can be seen in the photo of him and one of his pals.Buzz and Friend Toward the end of November, Buzz went missing from the breakfast role call for several days in a row.  We were getting concerned.  With “Turkey Day” just around the corner, we feared that he may have become the “Guest of Honor” for somebody’s holiday feast.  We were quite relieved when he showed up the day after Thanksgiving –  and he was not alone!  Apparently he had been out courting and brought home a girlfriend.  She has been named Frida.   Perhaps next year we’ll be reporting on turkey chicks. The two of them seem to have a fascination with glass doors and windows.  Perhaps they like seeing their reflections.  Or, maybe they are just nosey.  Anyway, the oval windows on our front doors are particularly attractive.  We’ll find turkeys peeking in from time to time.  Consequently, the front porch has now been reclassified as the “poop deck.”  So, if you come to visit, be sure to watch where you step.


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  1. Here Turkey, Turkey, Turkey…

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