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I have two lovely furballs who are the delight of my life and are an integral part of my family.  They make my heart happy and I strive to take good care of them. 

The fact that they were feral kittens, unsocialized around humans until they were nearly five-months-old, never daunted me.  And something told me that they were quite delighted to give up their feral status and become my “special kittens” when they both proved to me their first time inside the house that they knew what the litterbox was for.  I had an elderly cat at that time and two litterboxes already in the house for Mandy’s convenience in getting to one, and both kittens went to her litterbox and used it before they went back outside.  Of course, they were marking their scent, but nonetheless, this was quite remarkable behavior for a couple of feral kittens who had never before seen a litterbox in their four-plus months of life.  Neither of them has ever had an “accident” in the house, and they’re now almost 14 years old!  They’ve been “good as gold,” and I tell them this often.

Problem is, they’re afraid of other humans and run and hide in the basement whenever a stranger comes to the door.  This complicates my life when I want to go out-of-town for a vacation and want to know that they’re okay while I’m gone.  When I had Mandy, I could have virtually any friend or neighbor just come in and feed her and check on her.  She’d come trotting out, rub up against their legs, and meow to be fed!  Anyone who could open a can would know in a heartbeat that she was okay!

Now, I’ve got two cats who hide in the basement whenever anyone comes in.  Usually, if someone is around for an extended length of time (like days), they start to get over some of their trepidation and come out to investigate.  In the past, I’ve had someone come in and actually stay overnight, hoping that the cats will make a frequent enough appearance for the sitter to get a nose-count periodically.

This is getting harder and harder to do.  In my younger years, I seemed to know more people who could take on such a responsibility — classmates, friends and/or coworkers who were living with their parents or a roommate and found it to be a delightful opportunity to get away from that situation and stay in someone’s house for a week.  I just don’t know anyone anymore who can do this.  Everyone has their own responsibilities tied to their own residence and can’t leave like that.  Right now, I have no likely prospects for the sleep-in cat nanny job, and it’s making me nervous.

I finally have just over two weeks of vacation in my account at work and want to start taking some of it this year, but what to do about the cats?  There is always the fall-back position of just having someone come in to feed and water them, give Bubsy his potassium supplement in with his food, and do some litterbox maintenance, but that’ll mean that no one will actually see the cats for the duration of our absence.  They will have to rely that everything is okay by watching the food disappear and observing what is coming out the other end in the litterbox.  Believe me, no cats will be seen by the drop-in sitter for the entire time!

I’m going to have to give some serious thought to this matter.  I have a husband who badly needs a vacation!  (I do, too, I admit it.)   


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  1. It can be difficult can’t it? I know a dog is a different proposition altogether, but for years I had problems finding someone to look after Shadow when I was away and had to leave her in dog kennels. (expensive business). There was no way she’d hide from anybody though 🙂
    Hope you find someone to catsit for you. We have petsitters who do that sort of thing for a living – do you have anything similar?

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