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I work in a sort of “fishbowl” arrangement.  The lab is separated from the “clean areas” — offices, cubicles, etc. — by a wall that is glass from about four feet from the floor to almost the ceiling.  People walking around out in that corridor can gaze into the lab and see what we’re doing in there.  It mades for an odd sensation sometimes.  When tour groups come through and stand there staring at us, we’ve been known to fling poop at them.  (Just kidding…)

Anyway, this morning our supervisor came walking down that corridor and paused at the window to get our attention.  She held up a big white pastry box and pointed at it.

The box, as we found out when we went on coffee break, was filled with an assortment of doughnuts.  Written on the top of the box were the large letters “TGIF!”

Did I have a big, gooey, jelly-filled doughnut with lots of icing on the top?  You damn well bet I did!!



Posted February 1, 2008 by StPaulieGrrl in health

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