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Mom & Me August 1992

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I have mixed emotions about posting this photo because it hurts me to see how bad my mother looks. However, it is the last photo that was taken of her, and the first photo that had been taken of the two of us together in probably 22 years.

At the time of this photo, she had been dealing with metastastic lung cancer for seven months. She died on St. Patrick’s Day, seven months after this photo was taken. She was 73 at the time of her death.

She was a resident at Wyant Woods Care Facility in Fairlawn, Ohio when this picture was taken. From late 1979 until the time of her death, she had been a resident at one facility or another: Fallsview Psychiatric Hospital, Massillon State Hospital, then the nursing home. She never recovered from the mental collapse she suffered in 1979 and remained severely disoriented, confused and psychotic the rest of her life.

I was surprised that she lived another 13 years after her mental collapse, but once she was institutionalized, her physical health improved with regular meals and enforced abstinence from alcohol. She was still allowed to have her cigarettes, though! Lung cancer resulted.


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