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April Fools 3

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On March 31 here in the Twin Cities, it started to snow. Heavy, wet snow. Quite a lot of it! Some parts of the metro probably ended up with six or eight inches of the stuff, weighing down and snapping tree branches, making a mess out of commutes, dashing hopes of ever seeing spring in this neck of the woods.  (The photo was taken in our backyard the morning of April 1.)

This isn’t the first time that Mother Nature has played this kind of April Fools joke on us. I remember one other time quite distinctly. March 31/April 1, 1985. We must have gotten about a foot of this same type of very heavy, wet snow during that storm. Dale was bound for a conference in Texas that weekend and the storm delayed and otherwise screwed up flights. He arrived in time for his conference but his luggage didn’t. The luggage showed up two days later!

I, on the other hand, had my first day of Spring Quarter at the University of Minnesota that Monday. It was my last term of school prior to graduating with my nursing degree. Who ever would have thought that I’d be late for my first day of class that term because I was stuck in the snow? We lived in the city of Minneapolis then and parked the cars on the street in front of the house. The plow had come through and buried the wheels of my car under feet of this massively heavy snow. I couldn’t get out, and Dale wasn’t home to help me! A neighbor finally saw me struggling and came out to help. With his assistance, I finally made it to class that morning! I’ll never forget that storm!

This one wasn’t as bad. Just an annoyance, really. We’re very sick of winter here and didn’t need an additional reminder that it may not be quite over yet! Most of it has melted now, thankfully.


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