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My husband has been in Italy for the past nine days on a college choir tour. Our grandnephew sings in the choir and my husband was along on the trip as a “chaperone.” I haven’t heard from him this entire trip up until about 90 minutes ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home when he called. He left a message saying that he had just done an incredibly stupid thing and erased all of the photos on his digital camera that he had taken so far on the trip. He was near tears as he was leaving this message on the voice mail.

I feel so bad for him. He is a good photographer and had upgraded his camera earlier this year in preparation for this Italy trip. He usually ends up being an unofficial trip photographer on these outings because he does such a nice job of it.  I know he was looking forward to sharing all these photos of the trip with people when he returned. Now the photos he took are gone, no doubt due to something he did with the memory card while it was in the camera.

He must try to keep this in perspective, that this does not detract from his own personal experience of this trip. He got to go, he got to see all these things firsthand. He’ll have his memories. He just won’t have the photos he took, but there will be others on the trip who have taken photos and will be willing to share, I’m sure.  It’s too bad this happened but it’s not the end of the world.

I hope he tries to call back later.  I tried calling his cell phone but the call could not be completed.

Tough break. I’m sure he’ll never press THAT button on the camera again!

Edit:  He just called while I was posting this.  He is completely devastated by his “operator error.” He was crying.  It’s going to take him awhile to put this one in perspective. 

Selfishly, that now means when he gets home from this trip Tuesday afternoon, he can spend some time with me rather than sitting at the computer, editing 500 photographs before he leaves on his next business trip Monday morning!  I’d rather we spent the time together, anyway, rather than messing around with photos.

I also just did some researching online and there are ways to recover erased files from memory cards.  I just called his cell phone and left a message to hang tight to that memory card and we’ll take it somewhere when he gets home and see about having the files restored.


Posted June 7, 2008 by StPaulieGrrl in computers, travel

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