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As the previous post indicated, my husband called home from Rome, Italy yesterday with the tearful confession that he had just accidentally erased 500 photos of the Italy trip from one of his camera’s memory cards.  He had two memory cards in the camera and was setting up the second one to put into use since the first one was full.  He programmed the wrong memory card and erased the photos he had taken so far.

There is every reason to think that the data on that memory card can be restored.  There are programs that do this sort of thing.  This is exactly the kind of operator error that these programs are designed to correct.  I was talking to my next-door neighbor, Joe, yesterday afternoon and he said he had done the same thing one time.  He downloaded a data restoration program from the Internet and restored the photos on the card!

I called Dale’s cell phone soon after I talked with him and left him a voice mail message to this effect.  His phone was probably turned off.  The critical situation is that he needed to stop using that memory card he erased and leave it in the condition it was when he erased it.  He couldn’t keep taking pictures and putting them onto that memory card or he’ll ruin any chances of a data restoration.  I’m hoping that he did indeed switch over to using the fresh memory card after this accident occurred!

I just wish I knew whether he got my voice mail message in time to prevent the further usage of that erased memory card.  If he didn’t get my message, I’m hoping that he had some sense to consider data restoration as a possibility on his own — or upon the advice of another tour member — and take that card out of use.  He’s a smart guy and somewhat of a techno-geek as an engineer so let’s hope he had some thoughts along these lines, with or without my advice.

I’m just sitting here on pins and needles right now, wondering what the fate of that memory card is.  I wish he’d respond to my voice mail and let me know!


Posted June 8, 2008 by StPaulieGrrl in travel

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