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Not good news about the memory card that was inadvertently reformatted in Italy with over 500 photographs on it.  The computer shop that Dale took it to on Wednesday said that they tried three different programs yesterday to recover files, and there was nothing there to recover.  Once at home with the memory card yesterday evening, I downloaded a data recovery program off the Internet and scanned the card with that.  It recovered the 108 photos that Dale took in Rome on that card and later transferred to another card.  It didn’t recover any of the files from the first 10 days of the trip.  We can conclude at this point that Dale lost all the photos from the first 10 days of the trip.  This is indeed sad because they would have been great photos.  With the exception of the Rome and the Vatican pictures, we’ll have to rely on others now to share their photos.  Fortunately, Dale is taking it in stride at this point — as well as can be expected, I guess, although he was having a cry about it this morning.  He still had a really, really good trip and lots of good experiences.  He says that we’ll just have to go back to Italy now and do a “do-over!”  It wouldn’t surprise me if that gets put on the vacation calendar for next year or soon thereafter.  I think that the “do over” is important now for him, and I would certainly enjoy the experience as well.

By the end of this weekend, the Rome/Vatican pictures will be edited and I’ll start uploading them to our account at Flickr.  Dale suggested that I be proactive about setting up an Augustana Italy Tour 2008 group on Flickr rather than waiting for someone else to do it.  I’ll add those Rome photos to it.  I’ll then notify my nephew about the group’s existence on Flickr and instruct him how to go about getting photos posted to the group.  It’ll be up to him to start spreading the word about the photo group’s existence since I don’t have the contact information.  (If I did, I would!)  Dale also mentioned that he would contact Emily, the tour group director at Augustana, and see if she could send out a group email regarding this since she has all the students’ contact information.

So that’s the news on this Friday the 13th!


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  1. Can’t wait to see the pictures of Italy. I hope you and Dale do get to return. Dean always wanted to go back. But I don’t think that is ever going to happen.
    Wish I could write like you do. I am going to try to write things down each day. Make a journal. Maybe I will get somewhere that way.
    Love and take care, Belle

  2. Tentative plans are already in the making for a trip to Italy next year. We’ve got to make the “do-over” trip for Dale’s sake! Maybe we can plan it for around our wedding anniversary in June or his birthday in May.

    I’ll start uploading pictures to Flickr today. He finished editing them yesterday.

  3. So sorry you lost all those photos. Still, it’s a good reason to plan another trip – reshooting all the photos you lost. LOL!

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