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On the Island

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This does not seem like the best place to have a computer work station: right in the middle of the kitchen on the center island. And, indeed, I am a bit in the middle of things here, although my husband says it’s not a problem. He said it WOULD be a problem if I were parked in front of the cabinet under the island where we store the liquor, but that’s not the case, so everything is cool. Access to the liquor is unimpeded!

Why have I set up shop in the kitchen? The first reason that plays heavily into this is my cockadoody Verizon Wireless Internet connection. I chose this last year over Comcast, my only other option for highspeed Internet service in our area. Well, after a year of Verizon Wireless Internet service, I’ve discovered that it is NOT highspeed Internet service unless you’re sitting right under a Verizon relay tower. Then it works fine — just about as good as highspeed service. Unfortunately, I do not seem to either close enough to a tower or have enough unrestricted transmission to make Verizon a great provider for me. It’s slow and I get disconnected frequently. It seems a bit worse upstairs in the study and somewhat better downstairs in the kitchen/dining area of the house. Why don’t I just dump their sorry butts and get Comcast? Well, it’s called a two-year contract, and I don’t want to pay the $200 penalty to end my contract early. Next spring, though…. I guess I’m going with Comcast unless a better option comes up.

Second reason I’m parked at the center island:
I’ve been having a lot of trouble over the past six weeks or so with what I think is tendinitis in my shoulder area and extending down my right arm. Doing things at the computer when my body is not in correct alignment is aggravating the problem, and I was not in a good position just sitting at the kitchen table. I discovered that sitting on one of the stools, installing a full-size keyboard and regular mouse under the island, and placing the laptop on the counter aligned my arms pretty well.

So that’s my answer to why I’m here!

Stay tuned as I answer more of the mysteries of life later on. Maybe.


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