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I usually don’t think much about other people’s supportive family relationships in an envious way.  I am right now, though.

I wish I had a mom who would travel 750 miles to stay at my house for a couple of weeks and take care of my cats in a loving manner as though they were….well, her grandcats!  My nextdoor neighbor’s mom came up from Indiana for several weeks in June to stay at their house and take care of their dog and three cats while they took a vacation overseas.

I wish I had a sister nearby who would come over as long as she was in town herself to take care of my cats and water my plants, like my sister does for her daughter in Pennsylvania.

I wish I had a mom like my friend at work who loves to take care of her “granddog,” encouraging her son and daughter-in-law to just drop the dog off and go away for a long weekend, a week, two weeks.

There are so many people who have moms or sisters or grown sons or daughters nearby who wouldn’t give it a thought to take care of a family member’s pets while they’re gone on a trip.

I don’t have anyone like that.  Hell, I’m lucky if I can get a neighbor to come in and feed the cats for a day or two.

There are times I miss those close family connections, and this is one of those times!


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