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This morning my husband emailed me from Atlanta.  He said, “Read your blog just now. It looks like you’ve provided a bit of educational material for someone we all know and love. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.   (Of course, it ain’t my blog that was studied.) I think that [namesless folks we know and love] are mature with very open minds. If anything, they will probably develop even deeper feelings for you after learning more about you as a person. Heck, you might even be setting a good example in that regard. I do believe that they now have the realization that our side of the family may not have been quite as boring as they had imagined it to be in the past…”

I’m glad he didn’t admonish me and say, “Well, what were you thinking by putting that stuff in your blog where anyone could read it!  If you’re uncomfortable about it, it’s your own damn fault.”

Thank you, dear, for the support and encouragement.  You’ve always been there for me, the kind of person I’ve always been able to depend upon, and that is priceless beyond all words.

And, no, we’re not at all boring.  Anyone who is laboring under that misperception has a whole lot of learning to do about us!  (As Bekki would say, “((grin))”  ).


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