28 Hours…   1 comment

28 hours until our flight takes off for Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

As most of you know, my husband and I both work within blocks of the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul where the Republican National Convention is being held next week.  Security will be very tight and normal routes to get around in St. Paul will be barricaded.  I work for our State Health Department, and it is on Red Alert for this Convention.  Emergencies of all sorts have been anticipated, everything from bombings to acts of bioterrorism to mass food poisoning.  Folks will be here at the Health Department 24/7 for the duration of this Convention.  If I hadn’t turned in for and was granted this vacation at the first of the year, I wouldn’t be going.  It was decreed a few months ago that no more time-off requests were to be granted for the week of the Convention.

I’m a nutcase right now.  I don’t travel well.  I hate leaving my cats at home, and I have a catsitter this time around that I didn’t meet for the first time until last night.  She is quiet and shy and doesn’t say too much.  She seems competent, however, and comes highly recommended, having had some training as a Vet Tech and being extensively involved with animal rescue and other volunteer activities involving animals.  She is also a college student at St. Kate’s and St. Kate’s doesn’t admit dummies!  Things will be fine.  I’m just a….basket case!

If I get past the weekend in Baltimore, I’ll be fine.  I have three half-brothers and a half-sister just a 45-minute drive from Baltimore and I’ve extended the invitation to meet with them in Baltimore over the weekend for a visit. There are longstanding family tensions, shall we say, and I’m sure that two of the three half-brothers won’t even make an appearance.  Perhaps just as well that they don’t.  I have heard from some cousins that I’m eager to see.  That’ll be a good thing.

On Labor Day, we head into the Chesapeake Bay area for the week, with scheduled B&B lodging in Cambridge, St. Michael, and Chestertown.  We return to Baltimore on Sunday, September 7 for our afternoon flight home.

I still have laundry to do and packing to accomplish this evening.  

I won’t be taking any access to the Internet along, so I’ll be back in about nine days!  Have a good Labor Day weekend!


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  1. Enjoy your vacation! I’ll be leaving for NY on the day you return, so I will get ahold of you at the end of September. I am sure that you will have a lot of pictures, Dale will not likely delete all again.

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