Grandnephew’s Death   2 comments

I just got an email from my sister in Pennsylvania that one of our brother Ashley’s grandchildren was shot to death in his hometown of York, Pennsylvania. I don’t know all the details yet. I haven’t seen my niece, the shooting victim’s mother, since she was around 20-years-old — probably just before this son was born. It may actually have been earlier than that. She has had a troubled life. Let’s leave it at that for now.

She and I are strangers, even though she is the adopted daughter of my half-brother. For that matter, my brother and I are strangers now. I haven’t spoken to him since Christmas of 1991! No matter. My heart goes out to all the victims involved here.

This is the link to video my sister sent me.


2 responses to “Grandnephew’s Death

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  1. That’s very sad news, Bonnie. Sorry to hear it… 😦

  2. That is awful. I am so sorry.

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