A Card From Hallmark?   3 comments

I need to remember to get a card for my niece, Holly, expressing my sympathy about the death of her 17-year-son son, Shamar Cuthrell.  Shamar was shot and killed while standing in a breezeway on a street in York, Pennsylvania last Thursday afternoon.  I should have gotten out yesterday afternoon to attend to this task but never made it out of the house.

Actually, when I think of going into the Hallmark card shop in the nearby rather upscale suburb of Woodbury, Minnesota and buying a card for a mom who has just lost a son due to a drive-by, presumably gang-related shooting, an hysterical spasm of laughter wants to burble to the surface.  It’s absurd to think that a card from Hallmark could possibly convey the range of emotion that one feels under these circumstances.  No hearts and flowers or canned comments from Hallmark can come anywhere close to covering the bases in a situation like this.

However, I’ve got to try.  I’ll try to find the simplest card I can and write a letter to go with it.  I have no idea what to say to a niece I haven’t seen in 17 years and have heard little or nothing about during those years.  I suppose that’s about all I can say, that I have no idea what to say after all these years but want her to know my heart aches for her loss.

It’s going to be a tough letter to write and a task that I’m dreading.


Posted September 15, 2008 by StPaulieGrrl in Family of Origin

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3 responses to “A Card From Hallmark?

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  1. I’ll try to find the simplest card I can and write a letter to go with it.

    That sounds like the way to go.

    I know it’ll be tough. You know where to find me…

  2. Thanks, Lottie. That means so much!

  3. It will be difficult to write. Where does one find the words for something like that? Good on you for doing it.

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