Hindsight is 20/20   1 comment

I had trouble getting to sleep last night and then woke up early – 4:55 AM — with the brain picking up where it left off with ruminations of what I need to do at work, thoughts of family things, and fleeting thoughts of an Internet involvement which brought worry to my life. 

I can’t do anything about the family situation today.

I can’t do much more about the Internet involvement except continue along the path that I’ve chosen the last couple of weeks and keep my distance for my own sanity.

Work?  Well, there is a lot I need to do at work, and that needs to be the priority for the rest of the week.

Awhile back, I mentioned that I was annoyed that I needed to review a draft of a research paper.  My involvement in this research project was to supply specimens for this guy in the  Food Science department at the U of MN to work with.  That’s it.  Supply him with specimens to generate his data.  I could do that.  God only knows that enough specimens cross my desk in the course of doing my own job!  It was pain-in-the-butt enough that I had to pull these specimens at periodic intervals, make lists of what I was sending him, and jump through the appropriate hoops for shipping dangerous goods.  It quickly morphed into so much more than this involvement, however, with me troubleshooting his assay and techniques and trying to make heads and/or tails of what data he was deriving.

Well, we’re at the end of the project and the rough draft of the paper has been written.  Now, he wants me to critique what he’s written.  In order to do that, I have to go back through all my data and figure out where he’s coming up with the numbers.  It’s made my head pound just to think about it.  He send me the draft of his paper just before I went on vacation the end of August, and I told him I’d get to it when I got back from vacation.  I haven’t.  My time has been booked with my own job.  He finally emailed me yesterday and asked if I’d looked at his paper yet.  I told him it was on my “to do” list and I would attempt to get it off my “to do” list (one way or the other!) by the end of this week.

Getting this chore off my “to do” list may involve a glance at the paper and saying that I can’t evaluate his data unless he sends me all the data he’s generated with the breakdown of specimens and results.  It may further involve me going to my supervisor and getting her backing to say that I don’t have the time to spend doing any further analysis of his paper.

I’m a highly competent and intelligent person.  I now wish I had more than a Bachlelor’s level education so that I could claim more status and income for myself rather than doing other people’s work.  As many of you know, I successfully completed three years of pre-med studies with a 3.75 GPA  as an undergrad and abandoned the trek towards medical school due to stress levels.  I now wish I had had more of an understanding of what my options could have been.  Yes, I wish I had gone on to medical school and pursued a residency in Pathology, something that I thought was crazy at the time.  But it would have been the perfect job for me. 

Hindsight, hindsight.  Always 20/20.


Posted October 1, 2008 by StPaulieGrrl in Career

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  1. you would have made a good doctor.

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