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I’ve been rereading Four to Score, the fourth novel in the series by author Janet Evanovich to feature the 30-year-old hapless bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum.  It’s “mind candy,” pure and simple.  That’s the kind of mood I’ve been in the past month.  Low on energy, kind of depressed, apathetic about the things that normally light up my dials.  It could be the effect of allergies or just a cyclic seasonal fluctuation in some key neurotransmitter due to changing temperatures and quantity of light, etc.  I went through this last year at this time as well and blamed it on my doctor snatching the testosterone component away from my hormone replacement therapy.  That’s not the case this year.  I’ve upped both my Lexapro and my Estratest this past month with no appreciable change in how I feel yet.

No matter.  I digress.  As I was saying, I’m rereading this harmless, amusing, no-mind novel for the second time and came across a passage I like.  It got me to chuckling, a rare event these days.  This is Stephanie, our fearless bounty hunter, thinking, after she has just gotten a firebomb tossed through her bedroom window while she was not at home.  She’s thinking, “I’m a firm believer in denial.  My reasoning is, why deal with unpleasantness today when you could get hit by a bus tomorrow?  And if you procrastinate long enough, maybe the issue will go away…”

Now, I don’t ascribe to this philosophy and I don’t recommend it, but I know of some people who do live by these words.  The truth of the matter is that it probably works pretty well for them.  It’s the rest of us who have to deal with what they refuse to deal with, but hey!  It’s not their problem!

Okay, I’m done chuckling now.  Back to work.


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2 responses to “Words to Live By

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  1. I’ve been in a funk myself, and appreciate you sharing your chuckle. Being among those who have to deal with the reality some refuse to acknowledge, I needed and very much appreciate being to laugh at it for a change.

    Did that make sense? 😆

  2. It makes as much sense as me re-reading a “mind candy” book to escape from reality and then quoting it as philosophical “words to live by! 🙂

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