Woodpecker Doorway   8 comments

Woodpecker Doorway

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I was up fairly late last night and took full advantage of this Saturday morning to sleep in for a bit. I was awakened by a hammering sound that seemed decidedly human in his force and rhythm. I knew that it was coming from the direction of the master bathroom but I made the assumption that the noise was being made by my husband who had been up and at ’em for a couple of hours. In my drowsy state, I figured he had decided to work on his model ship and was hammering something on it down down in the basement and the noise was traveling up the airducts.

A short while later, he came into the bedroom. The hammering noise was still issuing from the vicinity of the bathroom. Of course, I then realized that he was not the source of the hammering. He had been sitting downstairs listening to the same noise, wondering what I was doing upstairs and alternately thinking that the neighbors were doing something and the sound was traveling strangely.

Well, some investigation was in order. He went into the walk-in master bedroom closet where there is a removable ceiling panel that allows access to the attic space which is filled with fiberglass insulation. He went up there and discovered a hole about four inches in diameter with a large, pileated woodpecker staring in through the hole at him from the outside of the roof gable. The bird had probably been in the attic but decided to leave its new nest when the intruder appeared!

So, we have a big hole now in our gable which is way the heck up there at the top of our house! And it needs to be fixed right away. The engineer of the household is working on that problem now.

Way Up There

Originally uploaded by Lady Birchwood

Like I said, way the heck up there…..


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8 responses to “Woodpecker Doorway

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  1. Wow! I didn’t realize woodpeckers could do that kind of damage. Looks like it made a few smaller holes too?

    Hope it’s not too expensive to fix.

  2. Yeah, the dang bird had tried a few times to find a spot he/she could drill. Dale went up into the attic and boarded over the hole with both a piece of metal and a heavy piece of board. The immediate problem is fixed. However, if the bird comes back and continues to try to use our attic as a nest by drilling new holes, we have a bigger problem. 😦

  3. Sounds like they can be real pests. I’ve been doing some reading about woodpeckers and found this:


    You may have already seen it. Regardless, I hope it can be of some use to you.

  4. Thanks, Lottie. This reference could come in handy, if not now then some other time. We live in an area with a lot of wildlife sharing our habitat. The 24-hour report is no sign of further activity from the woodpecker!

  5. Oh good! Maybe its gone, then.

    I like your new avatar, by the way. It’s a really pretty picture. I know it’s the one I commented on before, it just nice to see you smiling back from your comments. 😀

  6. I have seen a pilated woodpecker once in my life. Too bad he decided to move in. Wonder what attracted him.

  7. What attracted him was the hollow sound when he tapped on the gable with an empty attic behind the wood. He determined from the sound that it was a nice, hollow tree and suitable for making a hole and moving in for the winter!

  8. I bet you thought I dissappeared. Just been busy. Those woodpeckers can really ruin things. Thank goodness they stay in our trees here. But I see what they do to them.

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