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Dale and I are celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary this Sunday.  It corresponds with Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth this weekend so going anywhere within a 50 miles radius of there is out of the question.  No lodging available unless we want to sleep in our shed in Two Harbors.  That is fine on occasion but not on our wedding anniversary.

Instead of heading north as we customarily do, we are heading in a southwesterly direction.  About two hours from the Twin Cities is New Ulm, a town founded on German culture and tradition.  We’re staying at The Bohemian Bed & Breakfast Friday and Saturday nights.  A tour of the Schell Brewery will problem be on tap (so to speak).  I don’t kn ow what else we’re going to do, but we’ll find some entertaining things to do during our little get-away. 

It’s nice to be happily married.  I love sharing these little adventures with my “otter half.” 🙂


Posted June 18, 2009 by StPaulieGrrl in marriage

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  1. I know you’ll have a wonderful time whatever you do. I’ll hold down the fort and look after my niece and nephew. 😉

    You and Dale are an inspiration. ((hugs))

  2. I know I’m late but I really wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary. Hope you had a wonderful day!

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