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I was shocked this evening to learn that Michael Jackson at age 50 died today of a cardiac arrest.  He was a very talented man.  I remember Michael Jackson back when he was “Little Michael Jackson” and a cute, diminutive member of the Jackson 5.  I was in the 9th grade when their songs rocketed to the Number 1 position on the Billboard Top 40, and I added them to my 45 rpm vinyl collection, as many of my classmates and friends did.

One of my favorite Michael Jackson songs was first sung by the young lad during this era when he was still a boy, backed up by his siblings.  “I’ll Be There” was a beautiful song, and I love it to this day.  I found this haunting video this evening of an older Michael Jackson singing a few strains of this song at the piano, the younger Michael Jackson looking on.  It’s symbolic of there being two different Michael Jacksons: the young, innocent boy with a melodic voice and the older Jackson, severely plagued by his own demons and unable to successfully navigate the responsibilities of adulthood.  This haunting duality is what I perceive when I think of Michael Jackson.  May he now be at peace.


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  1. So sad a strange but talented man.

    I also heard very early this morning that he had been rushed to hospital.
    The death has been confirmed.
    He was my age ~ when I heard hed been rushed to hospital.
    I thought “oh like me earlier this year he’ll be ok.”

    Like many hes been a big part in my life as a music influence and my sons dance .(he was the first show that I took my son to.)

    RIP Michael.

    Sorry trying to type whilst crying over the news of Michael Jackson (I’m a wuzzy Butch today )

    Such a shock ~ apart of me always felt hed die in an untimely way.
    He was BLACK.
    He was WHITE ans loved by so many and also misunderstood.
    What a waste….
    I’m so sad today.

  2. Thanks for your comment, OZ. I’m feeling melancholy and thoughtful today, too, over the passing of this strange, complex, and talented man.

  3. Just wanted to say I just ordered this Thriller Album, to bring back Michael in our memories. I grew up with MJ. He is the Best! We will certainly miss you.

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