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Katie Napping by Lady Birchwood
Katie Napping a photo by Lady Birchwood on Flickr.

Katie, I miss you so much tonight. I was looking out the window tonight at the nearly-full moon and remembering that there was a full moon on your last night on Earth four weeks ago. I remember looking up at the sky while I was driving you over to the Emergency Hospital where they would look after you for yet another night. I hoped that it would be your last night there because you were coming home with us in the morning.

That Friday four weeks ago had been an exhausting day for you. You had been pilled and injected. You had impacted stool literally dug out of your colon with your doctor’s finger. You had to stay in a kennel surrounded by the sounds of other distressed animals. No wonder you were stressed and upset when we came to get you that Friday evening. We thought that you were coming home with us then, but your doctor wanted you to have another night of I.V. fluids and electrolytes and close monitoring.

But, oh, you didn’t want me to leave that night! I can still feel your little head on my arm while I stood by your open kennel door, talking to you and petting you. I wish I had told Daddy to go get a sandwich and bring me back one. I wish I had stayed by your side as long as I could that night. If I had had any idea that it was going to be your last night with us, I surely would have. I would have slept there on a couch — if I could have slept at all — going in to see you for awhile and whisper to you, caress you, as often as I could during that night. But I didn’t. I thought you were going to kick butt on this thing during that night and be ready to make the trip home in the morning. I didn’t know that your time had come.

I’m still here, honey, putting one foot in front of the other and trying to go on without you in my day-to-day life. I miss you so much! We had grown even closer these last six months, hadn’t we? You wanted me with you every possible moment — and I wanted to be there! I told you every morning that it was a good day because you were there with me. That made me very happy! I enjoyed your company so much, Kate! You were my precious girl, a blessing in my life beyond measure.

Our time together was so short! It was a mere fraction of a second compared to the eternity that you’ll be gone. But what a wonderful time it was, my dear one. Remember when I used to say to you, “How did mama ever get so lucky?” I don’t know what I did to deserve such a special gift. I just know that I’ll be grateful for it for the rest of my life,

Rest well, Princess, and know that you have a forever home in my heart, today and as long as I live. There will never be another you.


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