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Pretty Mia by Lady Birchwood
Pretty Mia, a photo by Lady Birchwood on Flickr.

I went to Petco early this afternoon to buy some cat food for my Bubbster. There was a sign out front of the store advertizing that they had a cat adoption fair in progress. Of course, I had to check out what was going on.

The organization that was at Petco was Caring for Cats, a no-kill shelter in North Saint Paul that fosters and cares for kittens and cats. They had eight or nine of their cats there today who are available for adoption.

One little lady caught my eye. Her name at the moment is Sasha and she and her brother, Simba, were either born in or placed in a window well. They were discovered when they were about a month old and brought to Caring for Cats. They have been in foster care until they were ready to be put up for adoption. Sasha is now eight months old. Here is her photo from the Caring for Cats website.

One of the Caring for Cats volunteers who was there today has been Sasha’s foster mom. She was telling me about how much Sasha purrs. She said, “You always know where Sasha is because you can hear her purring. She never stops! She loves to be held, she loves to snuggle. If you put her in bed with you, that’s where she’ll stay.”

I stood there looking at her for some time until the foster mom asked, “Do you want to pet her?” Of course, I said yes.

I reached into the cage and started petting her. You know what she did? She rolled over on her back with her feet in the air and wanted her tummy rubbed! I rubbed her tummy, held her paws, and she accepted all of that trustingly, purring the whole time.

Dale got home from teaching his seminar on project management to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society about a half-hour after I got home this afternoon. I asked him if he wanted to go see a cat at Petco. He was agreeable enough to that idea. He was tired and very jet-lagged after just getting back from a two-week trip to China yesterday, but he’s a caring guy and he knew when to say yes. He knows I’ve been crying a great deal the past two weeks.

We went back to Petco right away but the cats had just been transported back to the shelter. There were some volunteers still packing up some stuff outside by a van and I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes. I told them we wanted to see Sasha. One volunteer said, “Go to the shelter tomorrow. They’ll be open from noon to four. Don’t go now. They’ll be closing in a half-hour.”

Since when have I ever done what I’ve been told? I took off for North Saint Paul, figuring I could get my foot in the door by 3:50. I did, and Dale and I spent about 20 minutes of alone time with Sasha, who, true to her reputation, didn’t quit purring the whole time.

We put a 24-hour hold on her for $25 while we think about this. If we adopt her, that money will go towards her adoption fee. If we decide not to adopt her, it’ll be a $25 donation to Caring for Cats, which is fine because those folks are doing some great work.

Dale likes her and thinks that she would be very therapeutic for my broken heart. I think he could well be right, although Sasha will not be “replacing” Katie. Sasha would just give me someone else to love. I’ll still be missing my little princess Katie-cat. There will never, ever be another cat like her.

What to do now? I’m going to Tucson on Wednesday next week and coming back on Sunday. Dale said he’d be fine with being home alone with Bubba and the new baby. It would be nice if both of us were home, though, since Bubba and Sasha (whose name would most likely be changed to Mia) will be kept apart for awhile. Both Bubba and Sasha need some attention and loving. With two of us here, we could both be providing that in separate rooms for now. However, in three weeks, Dale leaves for a two-weeker in China again, and I’ll be home alone with two cats. Three weeks from now, though, the Bubba-Mia introduction could be going fairly well. We just don’t know!

So stay tuned for a decision on this one! I’m not sure exactly what I have the stamina for right now. I need to sleep on it tonight and decide what it’s going to be.

Update on March 31, 2011: The decision was yes!  We brought her home on Sunday, March 20.  Things are going well, although Bubba is living on the first floor and Mia, by choice, is confining her activities to the second floor.  The Big Boy scared her by hissing and growling and chasing her one day and since then, she hasn’t come downstairs.  We’ll see how all this shakes out!


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