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0830 done and casted by Lady Birchwood
0830 done and casted, a photo by Lady Birchwood on Flickr.

Yesterday morning i had an arthroplasty of my right thumb where it articulates with the wrist. this procedure was done to relieve the pain of chronic osteoarthritis in that important joint of my dominant hand. a major component of this procedure was harvesting tendon from my forearm to transplant into the joint space where there is no longer any cushioning cartilage. i’ve got three incisions under that cast, none of which i’ll see for 10 days until my first post-op visit.

i hate typing with only one hand. the english language perfectionist in me abhors not using appropriate capitalization but it is just easier without right now. i’d rather use all lower case letters than uppercase so that people don’t think that i’m shouting at them!


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  1. My poor sweetie! I hate to see you lying so small in that hospital bed, bandaged and hooked into who knows what? But I am glad to hear your words and even happier to know this part of the journey is behind you and you’re on your way to a whole new experience and a lot less pain day to say! THAT is a good thing, yes?
    I’ve read already that you have your own orivate Cabana Boy to see to your every need! You need to hook up with Google+ ( I think that’s the one!? – if not, let me know & I’ll ask my son; he has all his voice mails & emails read to him! Good computer voice, too!!) so you can read what you want typed and give your left hand a rest from this tiny typing work! And now that you’re home, you have your furry friends to make you feel better; they’re SO Good at reading our emotions! And I must admit that some times? That’s just what I need. No questions, do discussion, just comfort and love and petting our friends!

  2. I found your blog while looking up Tendon Interpostion Arthroplasty. I too work in a lab in Minnesota (as a Phlebotomist). I have decided that enough is enough after just 6 months of chronic pain, I don’t know how you lasted 10 years! My “bad” Osteo is in my left thumb and is just starting in my right which seems odd because I am a righty too. I’ve was fitted with custom Thumb Spica for my left hand 3 months ago to help immobilize my joint & just yesterday for my right, in the hopes that I can stave off surgery (forever) in that hand. It’s really hard to put gloves on and remove them constantly throughout the day. It’s also not so easy doing things that require fine movement skills like folding a 2×2 and placing it over the venipuncture sight.

    I’ll be watching your blog for your progress. My surgery will be sometime the end of June so I’ll be interested to see what I’m in for. 8)

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. Hi Scully,
    Oh, I so feel your pain! I went back to work this week in the Enterics microbiology lab at MDH and it has been a challenging week. It is very difficult to work in a laboratory with the dominant hand in a spica splint. This splint is to be my constant companion until the end of July, and then we’ll discuss my being able to take it off for intervals. My supervisor knows that I have work restrictions, but it’s so hard to see my coworkers working short-staffed. I just couldn’t work on “projects” and stay off the bench! The next couple of months will be interesting! Please keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing. I’ll do the same.

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