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I had my first experience with “Healing Touch” yesterday. I lay down on the massage table that the practitioner brought to my home. She covered me completely with a blanket and made sure I was comfortable. She brought a music CD with her and started that softly. I closed my eyes. She instructed that I relax completely and suggested that I envision a warm summer day, sitting under a maple tree with the breeze on my face, a cat by my side. In my mind, I immediately went to this place and thought of Katie by my side. The tears slipped from my eyes. I stayed with this scene for quite a while and then moved on to others: a sunset over Lake Superior while I sat on the shore, a quiet visit in a Japanese garden by a koi pond, sunlight glimmering through the tall forest trees, lying on the dock on Penobscot Bay (Maine) one July morning, greeting the dawn. When my thoughts would wander to something unsettling — which they frequently do — I’d bring my thoughts back to the maple tree with Katie by my side. The tears flowed off and on throughout the 45 minutes of this session.

The overwhelming feeling I had and the words that went through my mind during this time is, “I have everything I need to be all that I am.” I am a child of the moon, the sun, the stars. I am connected to all those things, a part of it all. The Universe has supported life in all its forms for millions of years. I trust that it has given me what I need. I just need to be still and realize that.

I have no idea what the practitioner was doing during this time. I never opened my eyes. I felt her presence as she walked around the table. She occasionally touched me. Beyond that… I don’t know.

I can’t say at this point whether I do believe or don’t believe in the powers of energy therapy. I know that I went to a place in my mind that I’ve never gone before for that long of a time. It was healing and restorative. Perhaps the session gave me permission to meditate, to go to that place where all is calm and appreciate all that is inside me. I felt like I had truly gone to some other place than my TV room during the session.

The end of the session was signaled by Mia jumping up on me and bringing me “home.” What a fitting awakening!

Will I do this again? Yes. I do believe that the mind has great powers to heal.


Posted February 10, 2013 by StPaulieGrrl in health, Mental Health, spirituality

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