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The Trio 2-15-13 by Lady Birchwood
The Trio 2-15-13, a photo by Lady Birchwood on Flickr.

Three months today since Bubba took his leave. How I miss that special boy! So much has changed since he left and little Jack moved in. Only now am I beginning to appreciate just how tender and wonderful the last 12 months of Bubba’s life were to me.

During the first 17 years of Bubba’s life, he and his littermate sister, Katie, lived together with us. They were not particularly close. About the only time the whole family was together in the same room was when the gas fireplace was on during the winter. Then both cats would stake out some space in front of the fire while Dale and I would sit together on the couch. Other than that, it was infrequent to find them hanging out together.

We brought Mia home four weeks after Katie died in 2011. She’s a snuggler! After she and Bubba got over their initial hesitancy about the new relationship, they became friends. I often had Mia next to me on the couch and Bubba on his pet bed on the coffee table. I loved having both of them close to me.

When Bubba was 18, we adopted a baby brother for Mia, and Ralphie, a three-month-old kitten, became part of the family. He, too, was a snuggler. Then I had Mia on one side of me, Ralphie on the other, and Bubba either on the coffee table or the hassock. I felt bathed in a warm glow of contentment having all of them around me.

We had a year together like that. I decided during that year that when Bubba died, I didn’t want to go back to only two cats. Three felt really good. Of course, it was those particular three cats who made me so very happy. It will never be the same again now that Bubba is gone.

Now that Bubba is gone, I often have my two boys, Ralphie and Jack, on either side of me. I enjoy that, but Mia is missing since she is not yet accepting of Jack in the household. I can either be with Ralphie and Jack or Mia and Ralphie right now, but not all three. Maybe it’ll happen someday, but that someday won’t be soon. If it’s before the end of the year, I’d be surprised.

Change is hard. Mia and I know that. We’re trying to get through this with the hope that warmth and contentment will once more preside in our family.

Jack is next to me right now, sleeping on his blanket. I’m not sure where Ralphie is. Mia is upstairs in the master bedroom with the door closed. I’m going to go up to her right now and snuggle her, if she’ll let me. I’ll tell her that everything will be okay, and perhaps I’ll even believe it myself.

It’s going to be okay. Soon.


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