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I haven’t been on WordPress in a few weeks to check on my blog stats.  I was surprised that on March 12, I had 45 hits on my blog and the search engine terms following this post were used to find my blog.  Any Devereauxs out there looking for me?  My maternal grandmother’s name was Devereaux.  I’d be happy to make your acquaintance.

The term “Archbishop Hoban High School” was also used.  Any Hobanites out there who might be former classmates or friends or siblings of classmates?

“Hibbing High School Hematite” was used and my blog was discovered.  My husband is a graduate from Hibbing High School, class of 1968.  The Hematite is their yearbook.  May I pass along some greetings to him?

Someone recently has found my blog by searching for saintpaulgrrl_wordpress_com.  That was close enough to lead a person to the URL for my blog.  It could be the same person or a different person or a combination of persons, but someone recently has read a dozen of my posts and all my “about” pages.  Do I have a new friend or a secret admirer? 😉

Stop in and say hello! 🙂


Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your site.




happy anniversary funny 5
diarrhea cakes 3
otters celebrating 3
devereaux 1700s 2
the funny side of life 2
archbishop hoban high school and ogt passage 1
is the family tree missing a branch or two 1
monday evening funny animals 1
mindful eating lolcat 1
funny get well 1
funny anniversary 1
poop cake 1
forever friends cards hallmark 1
get well soon funny 1
hibbing high school hematite 1
Other search terms 7
Unknown search terms 7
Total search terms 32


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Clicks 2 1
Total clicks on links on your blog 3